Logo of Studio B Dance Academy featuring a stylized "B" with ballet slippers, encircled by the academy's name in capital letters.

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At Studio B Dance Academy, a dynamic team of dedicated instructors leads the way with their wealth of experience and expertise in dance education and performance. The creative force behind the academy, Mrs. Brandi Walker, boasts more than two decades of dance training and a teaching career spanning 16 years, specializing in ballet and innovative choreography. Joining her, Miss Liz Feerick brings over 12 years of training and six years of teaching experience across various styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. Meanwhile, Miss Macy Barrow shines with 20 years of training and over five years of teaching, excelling in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, ballet, tap, and hip-hop dance forms, with national recognition for her choreography. Additionally, Ms. Risa Baldwin brings a wealth of knowledge with over 36 years of experience in dance education and choreography, having directed at the esteemed University of Montevallo. The diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise of the instructors at Studio B Dance Academy create a well-rounded and enriching learning environment for students of all levels. Each instructor's unique skills and passion for dance contribute to the academy's vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. Students can benefit from a wide range of dance styles and techniques, ensuring a comprehensive dance education that nurtures both technique and creativity.

Four women in coordinated white and black outfits pose in front of a white backdrop. One women sits on a stool beside a large disco balls, while three others stand behind, smiling at the camera.

Meet Our Team


Brandi Walker

Brandi Walker in a black and white outfit poses sitting with one leg extended and the other bent, in front of a plain white background.

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Marisa Baldwin


Marisa Baldwin poses in a black sequin dress and white jacket, smiling while extending her arms and legs, standing against a white backdrop.

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Liz Feerick

Liz Feerick in a black outfit with a white jacket poses with one leg lifted. She is smiling and standing in front of a white backdrop.

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Macy Barrow

Macy Barrow poses against a white backdrop, wearing a white jacket with black trim and a sparkly black outfit underneath, along with tan dance tights and tan dance shoes.

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Five young girls in purple lace dresses and ballet tutus pose in a dance formation. Three girls in the back stand with raised arms, while two girls in the front kneel with their hands on their knees, showcasing skills from the Best Ballet in Baldwin County.
Logo of Studio B Dance Academy featuring a stylized "B" with ballet slippers, encircled by the academy's name in capital letters.

Providing top-quality dance education for children on the Eastern Shore. Small classes, experienced teachers, nurturing environment. Join us today!

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