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What We Teach

Ballet Classes

Our ballet classes focus on technique, grace, and strength, helping students develop a strong foundation in this classic dance style.

Tap Classes

The art of creating rhythmic patterns and sounds using tap shoes, focusing on technique, timing, and musicality. Classes typically involve warm-ups, learning basic steps and combinations, and practicing choreography to various music styles.

Jazz Classes

Focus on energetic and dynamic movements, incorporating techniques like kicks, leaps, and turns, often set to upbeat music and emphasizing style and performance.

Hip Hop Classes

High-energy and fast-paced classes teaching the latest moves and trends in hip hop dance. Students will love the dynamic and exciting atmosphere!

Contemporary & Lyrical  Classes

Lyrical classes blend ballet and jazz techniques with emotional expression, allowing students to tell a story through movement.

Contemporary classes blend elements of various dance styles, emphasizing fluidity, expression, and improvisation through techniques like floor work, center exercises, and choreography.

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes teach acrobatic skills such as flips, rolls, and handsprings, focusing on strength, flexibility, and technique for safe and effective performance.

Baton Classes

Learn the art of twirling and manipulating a baton, incorporating dance, gymnastics, and coordination skills to perform routines and tricks.

Pointe Classes

Pointe classes focus on the art of dancing en pointe, emphasizing proper technique, strength, and injury prevention for dancers with a solid ballet foundation. These classes include warm-ups, barre exercises, center work, and repertoire practice to develop the necessary skills for advanced ballet performance.

Broadway Classes

Jazz/Tap class is a character class with a combination of exaggerated movements, high energy, and story-telling. Theatrical dance steps, facial expressions & acting will be explored & implemented into interpretive choreography. This class is a fun way for students to get a taste of musical theatre while learning proper dance technique & exploring the fundamentals of stage presence. 

Mommy & Me Classes

This class is a great starting point to see if dance is something your child may want to pursue further as they get older. Classes are specially designed to aid in the development of fine motor skills in a safe & enjoyable environment all while introducing your little one to rhythm & musicality. Your tiny dancer will learn & progress through our specially choreographed class based on the fundamentals of dance and tumbling. You will enjoy watching their self-confidence & body awareness thrive as they beam at you with pride & with joyful smiles as they reach developmental milestones in agility, balance, coordination, & strength. This class is sure to be full of moments you will cherish with your child forever!


What dance styles do you offer at Studio B Dance Academy?

At Studio B Dance Academy, we offer a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tumbling, and Baton.


How experienced are the teachers at Studio B Dance Academy?

Our team of talented and experienced teachers has over 17+ years of teaching experience and is dedicated to continuously improving their skills and choreography to offer the best possible learning experience for your child.


What is the class size at Studio B Dance Academy?

We believe in maintaining small class sizes to ensure that each dancer receives the individualized attention they deserve.


How does Studio B Dance Academy promote positive body image and self-esteem?

Our focus on promoting positive body image and self-esteem sets us apart, and we take a conservative approach to music and costume selection to ensure a supportive environment for all students.

Discover the joy of dance today!


Logo of Studio B Dance Academy featuring a stylized "B" with ballet slippers, encircled by the academy's name in capital letters.

Providing top-quality dance education for children on the Eastern Shore. Small classes, experienced teachers, nurturing environment. Join us today!

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